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Benedict Cumberbatch in British GQ magazine-Actor of the Year


Benedict Cumberbatch at the GQ Men of the Year 2014 Awards at the Royal Opera House [x]



Every day is another day that Ben C is hot




So here’s the deal. This song made me visualize this scene. So I wrote it. I put the lyrics in periodically to show the reader where in the song I imagined certain parts happening. It gets kinda lame when I’m writing Ooh-ah but you ought to be able to decipher it. Thanks for reading hope you like it sorry its kinda long.


It was Lestrade and Molly’s wedding. He had to go. Or so John had convinced him. So he sat at their table – at least he’d been seated with John – watching the couple dance. He supposed they made a decent pair. Molly having moved on was a bit of relief and she’d be better for Greg than his cheating ex. He thought perhaps things would be good for them.

But he still hated weddings.

He fiddled with his slice of cake as the tune the guests were all dancing to came to an end. Then the next song started.

I was a quick-wit boy…

Sherlock sat up straighter, recognizing the song as one he quite enjoyed and instantly and excitedly asked, “John?”

John turned instantly to look at him, “Hm?”

It was too late now, he thought, so he went on. “I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable… but it just so happens that I am familiar with this song and am… actually quite fond of it. I think I would like to dance to it but of course I have no one to do so with and I was wondering if you would mind accompan-”

“Sherlock.” John laughed lightly, cutting him off, “’Will you dance with me’ would have been plenty, mate.” he teased, standing and offering his hand. Together, they walked to the center of the clearing dance floor – a slow song was typically time for most to get a drink – and John’s hand found Sherlock’s waist, Sherlock’s hand on John’s shoulder, their others gripped lightly together.

Have I found you? flightless bird…

They began to step side to side, somewhat awkwardly, Sherlock enjoying it despite everyone’s staring eyes.

“You know, people are really going to talk now…” John said, smirking up at Sherlock.

Jealous. Weeping.

Sherlock gave a slight shrug, “Let them.” he said quietly, only looking at John, “It would only be the truth…” People would say that they danced at the wedding which was true, possibly make up their own details but more than likely would say things like ‘Sherlock was looking at him like he cared for no one else.’ which was very accurate.

“The tru-?” John was confused. Sherlock changed the subject, cutting him off before he might catch on.

“John, do you know how to waltz?” he asked urgently, as if this information was crucial to have right this minute. “More than just a box step?”

Or lost you? American Mouth.

John shook his head, taken aback by the question, but then followed it with a nod, “Yeah, I-I can… follow along… I took a class-” he shrugged.

Big Pill. Looming.

“Good.” Sherlock interrupted, “Then follow my lead.” Sherlock listened with baited breath for his favorite part of the song. And it came.

Now. I’m. a. -

The music dropped, picking up much louder and more demanding and Sherlock set them off, stepping together elegantly across the dance floor. Heads began to turn, the guests of honor even stopping to watch. John noticed the cheeky grin on Greg’s face but ignored it, looking at Sherlock. They moved together so smoothly. He let out a small laugh, grinning. He’d never danced quite like this before. He was afraid he might trip and ruin it. He glanced at his feet.

Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean blood of Christ mountain stream…

“Don’t look down.” Sherlock said quietly, not taking his eyes off of John’s. A slight smirk alerted John that he got an idea with just enough notice before Sherlock stepped away and spun John into him.

Have I found you? Flightless bird…

The crowd of guests clapped when John and Sherlock landed together again, seamlessly continuing their dance. Lestrade gave a loud shout above the cacophony and Sherlock smiled. Idiot. John laughed, amazed at his own dancing.

“How did I do that?” he asked.

“Didn’t look at your feet for starters.” Sherlock smirked.

Or lost you?

“One more.” Sherlock said,

American mouth.

John smiled and nodded.

Big pill…

Sherlock finally chanced a glance around the room.

Stuck going-

At the cue of the music, John actually managed to do an impressive lift and when Sherlock landed, above the cheers, he gave a yank on John’s arm, spinning him in. And they stopped – though the music kept going – Sherlock’s arm over John’s shoulder once more, John’s arm stretched around to Sherlock’s back, their faces were very close together. They stepped side to side slowly, simply.

Oooh…. ooh….

Sherlock and John’s eyes flicked all over each others’ faces. Eventually Sherlock closed his and leaned his forehead against John’s as they swayed lightly now, still dancing technically but with very little effort.

“Sherlock?” John whispered.

“John?” Sherlock responded instantly, just as quiet, not opening his eyes or moving away.

John hesitated but finally murmured, “I might kiss you.”

Sherlock’s breath caught, though he didn’t react outwardly, his stomach flipped over.

“I may be total rubbish…” he warned, brushing his nose against John’s. He could hear the voices of their onlookers murmuring about them though he paid them little mind.

John smiled, eyes closing, “I don’t care…”

Oooh, (A ha…) Oooh (A ha…)

John’s hand lifted to brush Sherlock’s hair back and the murmuring got a little louder. Sherlock distinctly heard Lestrade mutter “No way…”

(Aaaaaaaaaaaah) Oooh…

John pressed his lips to Sherlock’s lightly, Sherlock kissed him in return.

Ooooh (Lala… la la… la la la la….)

And everyone actually cheered. Greg sort of shouted actually, though Molly tried to hush him, and Sherlock laughed against John’s lips when he heard the “ABOUT DAMN TIME!”He kept his forehead against John’s pecking his lips again.

When the final note rang out, Sherlock finally opened his eyes and looked at John. John looked back, cheeks flushed but smiling. And Sherlock decided maybe weddings weren’t so bad after all.

This is actually my favorite song ever and the story is cute

I might cry.


John and Sherlock starting their first dance as a waltz but ending up swaying in each others arms, their forheads pressed together and softly nuzzling noses (ノ◡‿◡)ノ*:・゚✧


Gay babies being gay.


Gay babies being gay.


Seeing eye John doodle.


Seeing eye John doodle.


another Sherlock for my assignment 3/10


another Sherlock for my assignment 3/10