john absolutely rocking sherlock’s entire world in bed is important to me

"I heard you" = "I love you" amirite or amirite

John can’t help but smile at sherlock being a complete cock ughh they slip back so easily into their roles with one another, making each other..happy :’)

John’s voice gets so strained and quiet when he tries talking about his emotions with Sherlock he’d probably whisper sweet nothings to him in bed, words that need to be said so desperately fighting their way out of his throat

"How are you feeling?"

"A bit…smoked."

"Right."( More like smokin’ eyyyyy)


I love the choice of using a free camera when molly’s talking to sherlock about her lover; it adds to the awkward quality of it and heightens the emotional connection, makes you feel like you’re present mmmmmyes

Sherlock and Mycroft’s dynamic in this series is one of my favorite things about it lbr

please let Andrew being back on set during s3 not be only to film the fake kiss lol I’m hanging on to a thread of hope that the dramatic moriarty returns thing isn’t the flop that I’m afraid it’s going to be :(((


the light looks to the dead


the light looks to the dead